In-House Personal Branding Consultation $150

We will define your personal, as well as, professional style based on what your potential clients expect you to look like. Whether you are an actor, educator, practitioner, or mom, Serena will help you create a style guide that best represents you and your potential.

She will perform a mini closet evaluation to see what you have to work with based on the looks that we want to achieve and create a comprehensive shopping list and style guide for you to use as a guideline when shopping on your own.

Shopping Date $550 (4 hours)

The shopping date includes an in-house personal branding consultation followed by a shopping trip with the stylist.

Serena will take you to the stores that best fit your needs and personality, chose looks for you to try based on our predetermined shopping list. She will suggest pairings that will work with what is already in your closet and together you will purchase the best items for your look and budget.


Energetic Closet Clearing $800

Your life and style are constantly evolving and maturing. Whether you have started a family, a new job or are experiencing a shift in your lifestyle, Serena will work with you to redefine your look. Together you will go through your closet piece by piece to eliminate the items that are no longer serving you to make space for those that will have longevity in your daily life.

The result is a beautifully organized and edited closet that blends all aspects of your personality and style.

The Energetic Closet Clearing also includes a 4-hour shopping date and brand consultation.

On-call personal stylist

If any additional styling and shopping services are needed my rate is $75/hour (2-hour minimum)

  • Personal Shopping
  • Closet Clearing
  • Bridal/Wedding Party Services
  • On Set Styling Services

Take it from them…

You know that amazing feeling when stress is taken out of your hands and put into the hands of a brilliant professional?! That was and continues to be my experience with the talented and insightful Serena Duffin. As an Actor she takes the guess work out of my packaging/marketing (styling headshots and events) so I can focus on my art! Don’t go down a red carpet without her!

Jordana Oberman


The first time Serena revamped my closet was about 15 years ago. Within a few hours, she had edited, organized and styled new looks for me based on what was already hanging in my closet. Every time I work with her, she gives me an updated shopping list to fill in the gaps that have not only refreshed my wardrobe but also saved me money! As a result, I decided to do it with the seasons and have been thrilled with the results. She brought the concept of “shop your own closet” into my reality.

Not only is Serena the resident stylist at Style Beyond Age, but she is also my creative director, designer, and a contributor to the blog. Serena can work remotely with me while I am at home in Montana, having a fantastic memory for the pieces that hang in your closet often times remembering things I had in my closet that I didn’t even recall. She is worth her rate in gold!

Sonia Lovett

Blogger, Style Beyond Age

Working with Serena is all about gaining confidence in yourself. She was a huge help in helping me craft looks for my characters that would make my headshots stand out. I went into the session confident in my looks and I got great shots.

We then went to work on my closet.  First, we talked about where I was in life and what my aspirations were.  We purged my closet of everything that was in contrast to how I wanted to present myself or simply wasn’t flattering. Then we went shopping. I usually hate shopping for clothes but going with Serena was like therapy.  You go home feeling great and ready to take on the world.  She is amazing in picking out essential pieces that work for different occasions. The result was a really tight wardrobe that I loved.

Fernando Villena

Director, Actor

Working with Serena is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Her keen eye for styling and detail will immediately improve any of your work from character prep, to headshots to branding. Serena has an innate sense of how image intersects with character and will guide you to invaluable insights on how to best achieve your styling goals (or to even just thin out an overstuffed closet)!

Jeremiah Hahn

Actor, Cupcake Baker

Serena is without a doubt the person you want styling your look for headshots. She listens to the character(s) you want to develop for your various looks, particularly in terms of their personality. We then discussed the kinds of clothes that character would wear, and how they would want to appear in the eyes of others, as well as how their clothing mirrors how they view their own self. Clothing can portray the confidence of a character, whether that is an honest confidence that they feel, or a confidence that they wish to portray. How you appear in the eyes of others, whether they be casting directors in an audition room or agents looking to sign you, is of critical importance, and Serena will help style looks for you that show off exactly what you want them seeing. While this all may sound rather technical, I can assure you that working with Serena is also extremely fun and instructive. She is absolutely honest when it comes to how you look in your clothes – she knows what fits and what doesn’t, she knows what you need to throw out of your old wardrobe that is causing you to misrepresent yourself in unflattering ways, and she’ll take you shopping to find exactly what you need to achieve the look you didn’t even know you desired for your character. I went into the work with her having no idea what to expect, and came out with some of the best headshots I’ve ever taken.

Mark Gokel